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Provence wines aromas

Provence, terre des senteurs

Le rosé de Provence, appelletion côtes de Provence contrôléeRosés WINES :
Freshness and finesse are defining qualities of Côtes de Provence rosés.
The subtle aromas of berries and citrus fruits elegantly blend with the floral and acidulous shades. The soft notes of a roses bouquet or of a handful of juicy raspberries is one of the major alliances one can discover in traditional rose wine assemblage of Grenache and Cinsault elaborated through grape skin layers maceration and bleeding.
Like Tibouren, Provence's variety of vines confer freshness to rosé wines, whose aromas of pink grapefruit, white flesh and citrus fruits introduce, an acidulous touch, to be savoured as you would a delicacy.

Le rouge de Provence, appelletion côtes de Provence contrôléeRED WINES :
Joung or Fruitly red wines :
The various combinations of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, vinified through a series of short macerations at controlled temperatures, give birth to fruity and pleasant red wines reflecting a luster of sparkling rubies.
Discover the variety of aromas emerging, the rich pulpy and fruitly touch of morello and wild strawberry.
Refined and delicate, the touch of may blossom brings harmony to this spicy, almost peppery combination.
Old or Aging red wines :
The intelnsity of the sun burning the garrigue and ripening Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, brings strength and structure to the Côtes de Provence aging red wines.
The complex aromas of blackberry, bilberry, blackcurrant and liquorice are obtained through a long fermentation of matured berries.
The spirited youth of these wines is tamed by several months of carefull and patient raising, during which the wine's robe takes the warm tint of amber, tannins soften and melt into the touch of vanilla and leather.

A explaination document is delivered with this wonderfukk coffer of 12 « Côtes de Provence » aromas. The aroma chamber (middle of the coffer) enable you to discover the principal characteristics od Côtes de Provence wines without pretending to reproduce the wine's exact bouquet.
Coffret 12 arômes des vins des Côtes de Provence
The aromas of this coffer :Coffret cadeau 12 arômes des vins des Côtes de Provence
The rosé de Provence : raspberry, pink grapefruit, rose, candy;
The fruitly red wine of Provence : morello, may blossom, wild strawberry, pepper;
The aging red wine of Provence (to be matured) : leather, vanilla, liquorice, blackberry.

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