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wine conservation system VINO-SERV

For professionals, connoisseurs, and economists

VinoServ reveals a new system to conserve, open bottles of wine and finally puts an end to the waste of valuable wine leftovers.

Its principle is as simple as It Is elegant - the wine in the open bottle is coated with the gas VinoConserv via a jet. VinoConserv is a mixture of high-purity nitrogen and carbon dioxide; it is non-toxic, odourless and food safe.

Hence, coating the wine with the VinoServ system offers you these convincing advantages:
VinoServ increases the life of open wine bottles to 5 to 6 weeks
• According to thorough laboratory tests. the wine retains its original bouquet, taste, and
• The employed gas is absolutely non-toxic, odourless, and food safe
VinoServ quickly pays itself off and allows huge savings
VinoServ is available for professional and private use
• Employment of VinoServ signals style and connoisseurship to guests as well as customers
Air = Oxydizing atmosphere
Air = Oxydizing atmosphereVinoServ
Vinoconserv: Protection gas =>VINOCONSERV - Protection gasVinoServ

Red wine 
Rosé wine 
Withe wine 
Red wineRosé wineWithe wineChampagneVinoServ

Working principle
wine conservation system VINO-SERV


Wine and Champagne conservation system


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