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Full wooden furniture for cigars (cedar internal, oak external) !
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Corkscrew WineMaster VacuVin ®

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The Vacu Vin WineMaster is a unique corkscrew which will uncork any bottle without employing a twisting action. By simply moving the WineMaster handles up and down you can easily and quickly uncork bottles.
using -1- Corkscrew Winemaster Vacuvin
 1  Make sure all the handles are in an upward position (initial position) and place the corkscrew on the neck of the boule. Pull the sleeve clown, firmly, as far as it will go, to lock the corkscrew onto the bottle.
using -2- Corkscrew Winemaster Vacuvin
 2  Move the small handles down to twist the spiral into the cork.
using -3- Corkscrew Winemaster Vacuvin
 3  Move the large handles down to pull the cork out of the bottle. N.B.: whilst moving the large handles down the small handles will automatically come up and unlock the sleeve.
using -4- Corkscrew Winemaster Vacuvin
 4  Move all the handles up (initial position) and the cork will simply drop off the corkscrew.
user instructions for Corkscrew WineMaster ® by VacuVin
The special coating on the spiral of the WineMaster makes it easy to use and also extends its lifetime. Spirals can also be bought separately to extend the life of your WineMaster Corkscrew even further.

Corkscrew Winemaster crystal

vacuvin winemaster
Vacuvin WineMaster Crystal with foilcutter.


vacuvin winemaster
Vacuvin WineMaster Black with foilcutter.




Replaceable spiral for Wine Master corkscrew
Replaceable spiral for Wine Master corkscrew

In stock ! Envoi par DPD

7.4 EUR
Replacement spiral for Wine Master corkscrew
In stock ! Envoi par DPD
Even less expensive per quantity, buy of them [ 3 ]
=> 1. Obtain a reduction => 2. Decrease the shipping fees !
21.53 EUR
Pack 3 x (7.177 EUR)
Replacement spiral for Wine Master corkscrew
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