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Carving set Claude Dozorme

Founded in 1902, the Claude Dozorme brandname is the seal of a long family tradition. Passed down from generation to the next, commintment to fine workmanschip is still paramount for the craftsmen, all of whom are trained in the well-tried and painstaking skills of the Master Culers. The Claude Dozorme swords are the result of meticulous research and commitment to quality, making this fine piece of quality craftware a unique item !
Set à découper Laguiole Claude Dozorme
made in France made in France In stock ! Envoi par DPD

134.42 EUR
Forge de Laguiole
Carving set black horn 2 brass bolsters
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Carving set LAGUIOLE Claude Dozorme Carving set LAGUIOLE Claude Dozorme 

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From Forge de Laguiole,
made in Laguiole France
the famous carving sets.




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